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ExactMobi’s marketing platform allows you to create targeted & personalized marketing campaigns. Retailers are then able to send these campaigns via email,  mobile text and present them to visitors on the Web, Mobile apps. We provide the following:

Retail Analytics

ExactMobi has made retail analytics simple to use. ExactMobi interfaces with your in-store POS data (Product / Transactions / Customers) and provides you a simple to use analytics engine that allows you to identify customers based on:

  • Customer demographics (age, gender, location, and many more..)
  • Total spend levels in a given time period
  • Average purchase price per visit
  • Number of store visits
  • Last visited etc.
  • Product preferences
For example: “Find me all customers from a given location with average purchase price per visit of $150 and interested in products like product A”

Promotions & Campaigns

ExactMobi is mapped to retail processes and allows you to create actionable promotions for each identified group. Examples may include:

  • Thank you note for big ticket item buyers from last week
  • Store Coupon for only those customers who have not visited the store in last 3 months
  • Announce new product arrivals to relevant groups interested in those items
  • Send promotions based on geo location of customer

Other features of the Promotions & Campaigns Engine include:

  • Invite a friend – let your customer invite their friends and increase your store visibilty
  • Promote an event
  • Promote a product or group of products
  • Incentive to spend a minimum amount to get a discount (Say $10 off for spend of over $100)

Note: All promotions are linked to a state of the art e-Commerce engine and promotions are easily applied for quick redemption by your customers. No coupon clipping in this digital age!


Email is still king! It is in your control and you use it every week. Two issues – you spend too much time on it and increasing campaign response rates is always a challenge. ExactMobi’s email service is a breadth of fresh air in the market. It allows you to send personalized campaigns that increases the overall campaign response rates. Also the personalized emails can be sent without the investment of time that you takesending even mass emails. How? Read on!


Our differentiation of email:

  • Email is integrated with your analytics engine
  • Email is integrated with your promotions and campaigns engine
  • Email is integrated with your e-Store

We can send out a unique email to every customer without the hassles of you dealing with xls spreadsheets and crazy programming!

Mobile Commerce & e-Store

ExactMobi e-Store is easy to set-up and is tightly integrated with the processes of a physical retail store. In fact brick and mortar store owners love the flexibility it provides.  ExactMobi offers a mobile App e-Store, a Mobile Web e-Store and a PC Web e-Store. The ExactMobi e-Store is integrated with analytics and email – just like the big guys use. You get a powerful tool in your hand to compete with them – on your own terms. Bring them on!!

Support is provided for the following smart phones and devices:

  • PC Browser
  • Mobile Web on smart devices: iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Phones, iTouch
  • Touchpads: iPAD, Samsung Galaxy and a host of other future ones!
  • Mobile App e-Store for iPhone & Android devices

Provide one Store experience across all devices and communication channel.

Text Messaging

ExactMobi offers Text messaging that is integrated with the promotions and campaign engine to reach different customer segments. Text messaging based offers have an immediacy to them – and that is what separates it from email. ExactMobi takes text messaging to the next level by providing a powerful capability to the retailer – in-App text messaging. Reach all users of your mobile App e-Store via a simple text messaging service that does not require a phone number to be opted in. All the user needs to do is accept the opt-in when they download the app.

All of ExactMobi services can be bought a-la-cart. Integrating analytics, promotions & campaigns, email and e-Store however is our most powerful offering for retail store owners. The ExactMobi team looks forward to answering any questions you may have. Please click here to ask us a question or schedule a demo.

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