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Company Overview

ExactMobi is a software technology solutions company providing personalized marketing platform capabilities for local retailers to deliver targeted messages and offers through electronic channels, such as Text, e-Mail, Web and Mobile Web.

ExactMobi is the retail Marketing platform for the future
- Mike Mackie, The Wine Cabinet
“…Our customers get first hand information on new products and promotions right at their fingertips. I really like the easy learning curve and how fast you can reach your customers, where ever they may be…”
- Melissa Sutton, The Marine Scene, Herndon VA

The ExactMobi Story

Who we are:

ExactMobi is a team of passionate and forward thinking technologists and marketers who love creating solutions that are usable and have impactful results.

What we believe in:

We believe that technology should be more approachable for everyone. We love the local merchants and believe they bring a lot of value to the local communities that they serve. We shop with the local merchants more often than we do elsewhere, we want to continue supporting the community that these local merchants are part of.

Why ExactMobi?

We saw the Web 2.0, data analytics and mobile technology revolution just passing by smaller retailers. Smaller retailers are often disadvantaged when it comes to using the tools and techniques their larger big-box brethren use in the same neighborhoods. The big box and Internet merchants have begun to use technology very effectively to further squeeze the local merchant market.
The opportunity, the ExactMobi team saw, was to provide an affordable solution for smaller merchants to enhance their marketing capabilities: advanced campaign management, data analytics, integrated marketing across email, Web & smart phones.
The costs for such a service are affordable due to the inherent economic advantages of cloud computing.

Our Vision

The Company's mission is to provide cost-effective, multi-channel web and mobile personalized and targeted marketing capabilities to local retailers through a highly sophisticated software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

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