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ExactMobi = Personalized Marketing Platform for the Retail Industry

Welcome to ExactMobi

At ExactMobi, we know you understand what it takes to be successful at marketing. However, available resources and tools just don't cut it. They are too much work and don't necessarily integrate well enough for the business needs you have. That's where ExactMobi comes in. We brought together a top-tier team from retail, technology, mobile, consumer markets and data analytics and asked a simple question: Can they develop the requirements for a simple to use retail marketing platform that appeals to consumers is affordable and loved by the retailers. Then we got to work and built ExactMobi. Built from the ground up ? integrated with the new Web!

What is ExactMobi?

ExactMobi provides a software service that allows small & medium sized retailers to enhance their marketing capability. Retailers are able to easily extract meaningful patterns from their transaction & online data, create powerful personalized communications and reach their customers via email, mobile and the social Web. ExactMobi also allows retailers to enable their e-Store on Mobile smart phones and the PC Web

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ExactMobi Services:

Retail Analytics
Promotions & Campaigns
Mobile Commerce & e-Store
Text Messaging

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How it Works?

ExactMobi integrates with your store Point of sale and creates a secured environment in the cloud that is managed by you. Once your data is on the secure cloud, the ExactMobi team will set-up your hub for data analytics, promotions, events marketing. All you have to do is use the software to create powerful personalized promotions, based on data analytics.

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An Example ExactMobi Deployment


“ExactMobi is the retail platform of the future.”

Mike Mackie
The Wine Cabinet, Reston VA